The Stryker Auto Press: Elevating OSI’s Printing Capabilities to New Heights

New 28-station press raises quality standards

Oregon Screen Impression Stryker Auto Press
OSI's Stryker Auto Press

Oregon Screen Impressions (OSI) is elevating industry standards with our new 28-station Automatic Screen Printing Press, the Stryker. As the largest screen printing press in the Pacific Northwest, the Stryker represents a significant leap in our operational capabilities. It not only brings enhanced precision but also elevates the success rate of our printing production. Ben Harper, OSI’s Production Manager, provides insights and will walk us through how the Stryker is transforming our workflows and elevating our output to new heights.

Unpacking the Stryker Auto Press’s Unique Features

The Stryker Auto Press stands as a testament to efficiency and versatility in the realm of complex multi-color printing. It’s a powerhouse of precision and speed, designed to meet the intricate demands of modern printing.

  • Precision Registration: At the heart of the Stryker lies its micro-adjustable registration system. This feature isn’t just about alignment; it’s about delivering unparalleled accuracy in color placement, a crucial factor for the most intricate and complex designs.
  • High Print Speeds: The Stryker’s capability of hundreds of quality prints per hour isn’t just a number. It represents OSI’s strengthened ability to handle large-scale and time-sensitive projects with an efficiency that sets new industry standards.
  • Versatility in Printing: The Stryker’s talent lies in its adaptability. From textiles to plastics and paper, it handles a diverse range of materials, allowing OSI to cater to a broad spectrum of client requirements.

Improve Heat Management

Heat management is a fundamental aspect of screen printing, a challenge effectively tackled by the Stryker. This innovative press is not just about printing; it’s about safeguarding the integrity of every aspect of the process, from the quality of the ink to the condition of the garments. The Stryker’s design reflects a deep understanding of the intricacies of screen printing, ensuring that each element of production harmoniously works together for optimal results.

  • 28 Stations and 14 Print Heads: This configuration is a game-changer. It allows for an efficient workflow where flashes and cool downs are integrated without compromising the usage of print heads, a key factor in maintaining the high quality and consistency of prints.
  • Quartz Flashes: These are not your average flashes. They represent a leap in technology, heating up rapidly upon detecting a garment, reaching a set temperature, and then deactivating. This feature is pivotal in reducing garment shrinkage and burning, offering complete control over pallet temperature, and ensuring that each print is a perfect blend of art and science.

Transforming OSI’s Printing Capabilities

With the Stryker, OSI significantly elevates the possibilities in multi-color screen printing. It allows for greater flexibility in print orders, enhanced by its efficient layout and cutting-edge features. The press’s ability to manage heat effectively leads to fewer rejects, making our operations more sustainable and cost-effective.

Whether you’re looking to tackle complex multi-color projects or require fast, high-quality production runs, OSI’s latest addition is here to meet your printing needs. Connect with us today to explore how we can bring your printing visions to life with unparalleled excellence.

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