We want to make great things for you.

We craft the highest quality branded gear to help clients of all sizes and kinds look fantastic and grow to new heights. Over the years, we’ve expanded our capabilities to keep pace with customer needs. That’s what drives us to evolve—a commitment to finding smarter, cooler ways to create great things for you.

Very capable, always human.

Like many businesses, we started small, but as we’ve grown, our values have remained the same. Whether you’re a global business or a local nonprofit, located in Portland or Chicago, you can expect the same level of service and professionalism, insider knowledge, and good humor.

Strive for balance.
Question norms.
Communicate with clarity.
Drive creativity.
Trust in collaboration.

Care about the environment.

There’s a simple way to do business, and there’s the right way. When you choose OSI, know that we’re always doing our part to minimize our environmental impact through ecologically conscious decisions and efforts.

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