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We always want to do right by our environment, community, and people, so we look for ways to minimize our environmental impact while maximizing our value to our customers and team. Some of our efforts are great, some are small, but together they make a difference.

ink reclamation

Screen printing can be dirty. We’re keeping it clean by closing the loop.

We were the first screen printer in the United States to install a self-contained screen cleaning and reclamation machine. The innovative system contains the process and recirculates the screen cleaning solution (like an automatic car wash), rather than sending the byproduct down the drain.

We get a little help from the sun.

Our rooftop is lined with over 200 solar panels to power our operation. Whatever energy is not used is sent back to the grid for others to use.

It’s all about the people.

Everything we do is to serve our customers and employees—from helping organizations share their message to investing in our team and supporting them with a fair and enjoyable work environment. We prioritize building relationships because it’s through those connections that great work happens.