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We use the latest techniques and equipment to create high quality embroidered hats, shirts, jackets, patches, and more.

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It’s in the details

When every stitch counts, we make sure each one is perfect. You’ll often see us bringing out the loupe to ensure your image is sewing just right or revising digitizing to produce superior quality. And with in-house digitizing, we can build your logos and artwork to sew perfectly on your garment of choice.

We always strive for the best quality and are proud to have been recognized for our work through the years.

It’s obvious when embroidery is not done well. Loose stitches and loss of detail don’t fly around here. We’ll make sure your artwork is set up for success with proper digitizing, and our expert eyes are on your project from start to finish.

This is a major area of distinction for our team. Not only do we handle digitizing your artwork in-house, allowing us to be nimble throughout your project, but our digitizers all have machine experience. This is how we are able to deliver consistently superb quality embroidery to our customers.

Embroidery Pricing is based off stitch count. Your project manager will be more than happy to advise the best count for your project.

At OSI, embroidery is an art. We take the time to map out each stitch to make sure every one is perfect when the needle hits your garment. Our team of experts is here to give you feedback on your art to ensure you get the results you want.

Take a closer look.

Take advantage of our embroidery department’s range of capabilities to give your products a truly custom look. Not sure where to start? Contact us. We’re here to help.

Also referred to as puff or raised embroidery, 3D embroidery is the process of building up dimension with stitches. A piece of foam can be used to raise stitches higher for an extra bold look.

Appliqué is a sewing technique in which one material is applied to another. Choose from our stock to create the right look. Each order is laser cut in-house, eliminating waste and saving time.

We offer embroidered patches, printed patches, sublimated patches, and woven patches. We can create original patches, embroider appliqué material giving the impression it’s a patch, or source exactly what you want.

Sewn labels can make a stock shirt your own brand. Woven labels are sewn on with our single needle sewing machines. We take the time to hand place each one to your specs.

Since we do everything under one roof, you can mix and match between screen print, embroidery, appliqué, 3D effects, patches, and more!

Answers to Good Questions

Digitizing is the process of converting your artwork to a .dst or digitized file. Our machines read these files and it is essentially a stitch map that guides the heads on where to stitch, change colors, tie off and more.

Not all digitizing is created equal. We prefer to digitize in-house for the garment that the logo is being sewn on. Generally, digitizing built for a shirt won’t work on a structured hat or beanie. We can give your digitizing a try, but can’t guarantee it will be usable or that the quality will be as good as in-house digitizing.

Embroidery is based off stitch count because the more stitches the longer it takes. Our machines can sew up to 1,000 stitches per minute, so pricing is based around the stitch count vs colors like in screen printing.

Depending on your artwork logos are typically anywhere from 3,000 stitches to 15k stitches and in some rare cases can be upwards of 100k stitches for a full back of a jacket. Get in touch with us to get an estimate on your stitch count today.

We can embroider as few as 12 pieces per design. Quantity price breaks are at 48, 72, 120 & 200 pieces per design.

Production times may vary depending on the services you’ve ordered and the time of the year, but our standard turnaround is approximately 10 business days.

Your Project Manager will give you an estimated timeline with your quote. If you have a firm, in-hand date for an event, be sure to let us know at the beginning of the quoting process so we can confirm our ability to meet your date. We may be able to accommodate rush requests on a case by case basis.

We have over 100 thread colors to choose from. Visit our Thread Color Chart to see options.

Our embroidery machines have a 15-thread color capacity. If you think your art will require more colors, your project manager can review the file with our Art Department to confirm or make recommendations to lower the color count or provide other solutions.

Find our Art Guidelines here. Your project manager would be more than happy to review your file to ensure it meets our guidelines. We also have a talented creative services team who can assist in creating new art or updating existing files.

Artwork can be submitted directly by email or our online form. For larger files, follow the upload instructions here.

A hoop is a round or rectangular brace that your garment is “hooped” with to hold it in place along with backing to create a solid base to sew upon.

Flats and hats refers to the different hoops used for flat items vs. hats, which sew on a cylindrical hoop.

As an experienced, full-service decorator, we can source nearly any garment. We will supply the blank apparel and work with you to find the perfect options for your project. We do not work with customer provided garments.

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