Little Bay Root

Cool Oregon t shirt and more company with a delightfully Oregon sense of humor.

About LBR

We’ve been working with LBR for more than a decade. Printing and sewing statement gear designed with love for craft beers, meandering bookstores, and the occasional naked bike rides. Fun fact: “Little Bay Root” is a play on words. As the story goes, former U.S. President George Bush encountered angry protestors when he visited Portland (go figure). His staffers started referring to our city (Portland) as “Little Beirut.”

Gear Made

Screen Printed T shirts
Screen Printed Sweatshirts
Embroidered Knit Hats
Embroidered Flex Caps
Embroidered Patches
Screen Printed Stickers
little bay root shirt
little bay root screen printed t shirt
screen printed sweatshirt
little bay root embroidered patch
little bay root embroidered patch patch beanie
little bay root embroidered hat
little bay root screen printed t shirt
custom made flex cap

“We have been working with OSI since 2009. 14 years later, we still rely on them for quality, service, consistency and sustainability. Here’s to 14 more!”

-Brian Duval, Little Bay Root

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