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over 30 years to refine our craft.

Oregon Screen Impressions goes above the call of duty with investments in the best equipment, highest quality inks, and a commitment to producing the best quality around.

Whether your order is 24 pieces, or 240k we put the same hands-on care into each order. From product development, to art, screens, and final product, we strive for perfection each step of the way.


Screen Printer You Can Trust

A remarkably versatile one stop, retail ready printer.

Best Equipment

We spare no expense and have the most up to date and best equipment. From our 7 M&R automatic presses, and our 8 Manual presses, we can produce over 40k shirts a day.

Knowledgeable Staff

We have over 200 years of printing experience and produce what we feel is the best and highest quality product in the Northwest. We approach each design uniquely to get you the very best outcome possible.

Quality Control

OSI employs experienced printers and staff who have a keen eye for quality. Each garment is inspected upon arrival, while printing, and before they get packaged to guarantee that you receive only the best product.

Screen Printing Capabilities

  • Standard Printing
    Nothing Standard About Our Standard Process

    Since 1984 Oregon Screen has strived for quality over everything. Although nothing is "Standard" about our process, our standard printing procedure it to print with phthalate free plastisol inks.

    We have inks that will work on any garment, but certain garments are better suited for certain art so if you don't have something in mind let us reccomend something that will work well with your art.

  • Water Based & Discharge
    Super Soft Discharge Printing

    Discharge inks use an extra activator chemical mixed in with water based inks and are screened onto colored garments. The extra ingredient is heat activated when run through our high temperature dryers. The discharge chemical removes the dye from the fabric, leaving it in its natural off-white state under the printed ink.

    The process results in a nice soft hand feel on dark garments that would otherwise require plastisol inks. This ink can be used by itself or in combination with other inks/treatments as a base for dark garments. This process is limited to some brands & 100% cotton garments only. Exact color matching is not always possible since garment type and color batches are not always consistent from shirt to shirt.

  • Simulated Process
    For when Spot Colors just isn't enough

    Simulated Process Printing is a technique we have perfected over the years. This process allows for printing full-color high resolution graphics, especially photo-realistic images, to dark or light tees.

    Most of our simulated process prints are 6-8 colors, although some designs are printed using 10 or more colors. Mix this with a discharge underbase and you'll get a nice soft print as well.

    Additional Charges will apply to separate your image for screen printing.

  • High Density & Gels
    Sharp Edges

    High density is a volumizing or dimensional ink is applied in layers to add another dimension to an image. Unlike puff inks, High Density inks looks and feels solid.

    Multiple levels of this treatment can be built within an image and work well in combination with most other inks/treatments. Flat images on a garment can now look and feel sculpted.

  • Puff & Suede
    Puff Inks Rise off the Garment

    Puff inks had their heyday back in the 80's, but don't let that stop you. Throw caution and good taste to the wind by puffing the heck out of your design on a tie-dyed neon shirt! Bring back new wave glasses and muscle shirts too!

    When used with control, you can still achieve some surprisingly sophisticated looks with wisely applied puff inks. In a newer development, Blister Puff builds on the effect of regular puff by creating a bubbling molten effect on a garment.

  • Metallic Inks, Glitter & Foil
    Get that Extra Shine to Stand Out

    Metallic inks have metal flakes suspended in the semi transparent base. They come in a handful of colors, with the most popular being gold, copper and silver. There are different types of metallic inks that can be used to achieve subtle differences even in the same color.

    Metallic inks require a lower mesh count (larger holes between threads) screen so they work better with designs that don't have fine details.

  • Multimedia
    Match From Our Many Options to Create an Amazing Product

    Mix and match it! Multimedia is our in-house name for combining multiple ink types and effects with embroidery or applique to create a high end garment that really stands out in the market.

    We can screenprint, laser cut, applique, embroidery, use specialty effects, mix water based discharge with other specialty effects and more. If you can imagine it, chances are OSI can produce it.


Screen Printing Capacity

Oregon Screen Impressions is the premier screen printer in the Pacific Northwest. We have invested in the best equipment, great employees, and most current and ecological products to produce amazing results with the lowest impact.

We have the capacity to handle jobs large and small, but the same care is put into each order no matter the size.








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