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Leverage your design and marketing skills to launch pre-sale campaigns.
Once you reach your goal, or sell 24 tees, we will print, fulfill, and cut you a check for the profits.


Pre-sale Tees, Sweatshirts & More

So you would like to raise some funds by selling shirts? Not a problem, in the past you would have to estimate your sizes, place an order, collect money, and hope after everything is said and done that you turn a profit.

Selling shirts can be hard, but if you have a good social media following, school, club, or business that you can market to, we can simplify the process. We will setup a single or mutli-product campaign that can be open for up to 18 days.

You'll get a unique URL to promote via email, facebook, instagram, or any other way you can drive sales. Once you have reached at least 24 orders, and the campaign ends, we will print, fulfill, and cut you a check for the remaining profits.

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The more your sell, the more you make!

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