Every Stitch Leaves an Impression

Oregon Screen Impressions leads the way in design and application. We use the latest techniques and equipment to create quality embroidered goods.

With over 40 years combined embroidery experience, our innovative staff will help you take your designs to the next level. Award winning design and digitizing.

Award Winning

Oregon Screen Impressions has won multiple embroidery awards over the years.  In a competitive market we strive for the best quality and have the awards to prove it.

Attention to Detail

When every stitch counts, we make sure they are perfect.  You'll often see us bringing out the loupe to make sure your image is sewing just right, often revising digitizing to produce superior quality.

In-House Digitizing

With digitizing done in-house, we are able to build your logos and artwork to sew perfectly on your garment of choice.  Our digitizers all have machine experience which really sets us apart.

Stitch Count

Embroidery Pricing is based off stitch count, here are some examples of logos with how many stitches to produce.


3k Stitches

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

7k Stitches

High Cascade Snowboard Camp

10k Stitches

Specialty Effects

  • Embroidery
    Every Stitch Makes an Impression

    Embroidery at Oregon Screen Impressions is more than your typical Mom & Pop shop. At OSI Embroidery is an art, we take the time to map out each stitch to make sure they are perfect.

    The Devils in the Digitizing, and we do our digitizing in house. This way we are able to ensure that it is setup for the correct garment or substrate as not all digitizing is created equal.

  • 3D Embroidery
    Rise to the occasion

    3D Embroidery commonly refereed to as Puff or Raised Embroidery is the process of building up with stitches or a piece of foam inserted to raise the stitches off the sub-strait. Puffy foam is a popular product used to embellish caps. It will make your logo stand out from the rest.

    This is a great effect for hats when you want a bold look. There are limitations to 3D Embroidery as your logo can’t be too thin or too thick and it is best on bold lettering.

  • Appliqué
    Use Appliqué to add texture and depth

    Create dynamic designs using appliqué to add texture and depth. Our expertise can make your logo look sporty or classic with the right material.

    With our laser we will cut your order in house for each job. This eliminates waste and saves time. We have multiple materials in stock and our staff will help you choose which one best fits your design. You may bring your own material, but we can’t guarantee the cut quality unless we sample it.

  • Patches
    Embroidered and Printed Patches

    Embroidered patches, printed patches, woven patches, we can create or get whatever you want. Our staff can create original patches in house to meet your needs.

    Print, laser, sew. Faux patches too, we can embroider appliqué material and give it the impression it is a patch.

  • Sewing Labels
    Sewn Labels can make a stock shirt your own brand

    Highlight your company with a custom neck label, or hem embellishment. Woven labels are sewn on with our single needle sewing machines. We take the time to place each one to your specs.

    A popular alternative placement is on beanies as the only embellishment. Often when changing a label, we need to add a size/care and content label.

  • Mixed Media
    Mix and Match Styles

    Since we do everything under one roof, you can mix and match between screen print, embroidery, appliqué, 3D, patches & more!

    Develop a product that will leave an Impression, add value, and be unique.


A picture is worth a 1000 words

See examples of some of our latest work.

  • Blueprint Embroidery
  • Insane Terrain Embroidery
  • Portland Gear Beanie

Embroidery FAQ

Learn the ins and outs of embroidery, the lingo, and how to get a better end result.

  • What is Digitizing?

    Digitizing is the process of converting your artwork to a .dst or digitized file. Our machines read these files and it is essentially a stitch map that guides the heads on where to stitch, change colors, tie off and more.

  • Why is pricing based off Stitch Count?

    Embroidery is based off stitch count because the most stitches the longer it takes. Our machines can sew up to 1000 stitches per minute, so pricing is based around the stitch count vs colors like in screen printing.
    Depending on your artwork logos are typically anywhere from 3000 stitches to 15k stitches and in some rare cases can be upwards of 100k stitches for a full back of a jacket. Get in touch with us to get an estimate on your stitch count today.

  • What are Hoops, Flats & Hats?

    A hoop is a round or rectangular brace that your garment is "hooped" with to hold it in place along with backing to create a solid base to sew upon.
    Flats & Hats is commonly referring to the hoops that are used on a flat item, vs a hat which sews on a cylindrical hoop.

  • I already have a digitized file?

    Not all digitizing is created equal. We prefer to digitize in house to the garment that the logo is being sewn on. Generally digitizing built for a shirt won't work on a structured hat or beanie. While we will give your digitizing a try, we cannot guarantee that it will be usable, as well as that the quality will be as good as digitizing in house.

Capacity & Version

With over 30 years of embroidery business we have continued to grow and add additional services in the ever changing garment decoration market. Running modern machines enables us to produce the best quality results.


Embroidery Heads


Stitches Per Hour


Single Needles


Laser Cutter

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