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Stumptown Tart First Pour Party

(Brace yourself for an onslaught of links…) Bridgeport Brewing Company presents the first pour of this year’s batch of Stumptown Tart on Thursday April 5th at Jimmy Maks on 221 NW 10th Ave in Portland, Oregon. As if the beer wasn’t enough, you can meet the tart on the poster as well, Bernie Dexter, but you better control your cartoon wolf eyes because her hubby Levi Dexter will also be there playing live rockabilly with his band the High Flyers. Rockabilly, Dames and beer. What else do you need? (Seriously…) Posters for the event were designed by R / West and printed by the crew at OSI. (Hi Brian!) More pictures after the jump. What does the beer taste like? Check out the Not So Professional Beer Blog for a little more info.

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Beautiful! I love what you can do with a great design and just one ink!

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