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42 in 0.53

30 years ago today…


30 years ago today (literally), OSI went from a part time hobby to a full time endeavor and a few hundred of these were mailed or handed out along with pricelists and we haven’t looked back since.

The OSI Time Capsule

OSI Time Capsule

About this time in the year 2000 we moved into our NE Broadway location. This photo is circa March, 2000 from when we moved in. We continue to grow, and have added presses, inks, rapid tags, good people and more tecnology to continue to push what is possible with screen printing and put out a great product that we can be proud of.

Braille T-shirts for SWACCESS and Manvil

This might be the first time we’ve ever printed a t-shirt designed to be felt instead of seen!


But wait, there’s more…

Powell’s Books Sasquatch

powells sasquatch

You don’t have to go all the way to Canada to see Bigfoot. Just head over to Powell’s Books to see this friendly little Sasquatch.

Widmer Brothers embroidery prototypes

Widmer Brothers Brewing

Here’s a couple of embroidery prototypes for Widmer Brothers Brewing., one of Portland’s oldest breweries and one of our oldest clients as well.

Maple XO Bottle Openers

Maple XO - Widmer bottle opener

This is a collaboration between Maple XO and Widmer Brothers Brewing. We’ve got Widmer Brothers artwork in our system dating back to the 90′s. These bottle openers are made from heat-treated stainless steel and the the industrial waste of skateboard manufacturing. Maple XO makes the handles out of recycled skateboard materials, OSI laser etches the logo, and Widmer Brothers provides the beer. If there’s anything better than lasers, beer and skateboarding, we don’t know what it is.

Mt Hood Meadows Caps


It was a one of those rare snow days in Portland today, so there must be even more snow elsewhere, like say Mt Hood Meadows! Here’s a couple new trucker caps we coincidentally happened to be shipping out today.


Pacific North Wet – Oregon Bear


Pacific North wet is a design from Little Bay Root. If there’s a bear anywhere riding a tall bike in the rain, it’s a safe bet that it’s somewhere in Oregon, if not Portland. If there’s an Oregonism on a t-shirt,it’s a safe bet it’s on a t-shirt from Little Bay Root.


That’s a pearlescent ink that shows up as gray in the photographs, but has a really nice tactile quality and glistening look when you witness the shirt in real life.

Check out: Little Bay Root.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re closed on Thursday and Saturday, so we had to have our office potluck early. Enjoy your holiday and we’ll see you on Monday!


The King of Clubs

Portland Timbers in the Playoffs!!!!! Look for these Timbers Army jackets in the stands!


Here’s a Timbers Army shirt we did back in 2005 before the Timbers were in MLS.